The Eugene Bonsai Society was founded in 1981, but was formerly known as the Eugene Bonsai Club. Early members John Desmond, Dick Dietz, Bob Hill, and Dr. Overstreet saw the potential for growing interest in bonsai in Eugene. Another local resident, Leo Houston, was an important contributor to the society. His collection of native specimens: lodgepole pine, mountain hemlock, and vine maples were an inspiration to early members. Mr. Houston’s collected material can still be seen in and around the Eugene area. The founding members introduced the new society by advertisements in the local newspaper, The Register Guard, for displays and meeting times. The first display by the society too place at the Valley River Center mall in 1982. In 1983 the society received its non-profit (501C3) status from the Corporate Commission of Oregon.

In the news

Last November EBS was visited by journalists from local publication Ethos Magazine with the intent on doing a story about bonsai and our Society. The article has officially been published. You can read it here!


The Eugene Bonsai Society meets the first Thursday of every month at the Eugene Garden Club located at 1645 High Street in downtown Eugene. There are exceptions, due to holidays, workshops, or other special events. Doors open at 6:30pm for an informal beginner’s question and answer session as well as general mingling. Meetings begin at 7:00pm, with an in introduction of new members or visitors followed by an official business meeting. Once the business portion of the meeting has concluded, anyone who brought a tree for display introduces the tree and tells about its background. The last portion of the meeting is devoted to the monthly program. The 2017 list is of programs is as follows:

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The Eugene Bonsai Society welcomes all persons to attend meetings and special events and encourages everyone to strengthen the society by becoming a member. Members have access to the society’s magazine, video and book library, participate in festivals and other special events, conduct workshops, and help newcomers to the society and the art of bonsai feel welcome and advance their knowledge. We also have a lot of FUN!!!

Membership is renewed yearly on January 1st, and the renewal deadline is the April meeting. Membership costs are $30.00 for an individual and $40.00 for a family. Click on the Contact link for more information on how to reach the society.